About Creative Kobra.

In our chaotic world of fast social media, complex political terrain and a business world that focuses on goals and outcome, many of us have forgotten the creativity we used to possess as children. We have left innocence and magic behind. Remember the time when imagination sprouted our dreams and informed us of other worlds? When playing gave us energy and brought us relief? When the purpose of play was play itself? 

At Creative Kobra, the mission is to guide you to that inner world again, so that you can experience joy in the moment. So that you can hear the voice of Your soul.

It is our belief that creativity can lead us to an experience of the Mystery in life. It can open up the doors that have been shut for many years, so that the inner child may play again and let feelings surface to be healed in a safe space.

Who can benefit from this kind of work?

This is a space for people who are willing to open up to what lies beyond the rational mind. At Creative Kobra you are a space traveller, an explorer finding new land. Your land.

People who suffer from anxiety and depression or other emotional challenges are welcome here. As well as any recovering/recovered addict and people who are mentally stabile, meaning that you are not medicated with anti-psychotic medicine. You must be 18 years or over.

If you are in any kind of psychological or psychiatric treatment program, you should consult your therapist or doctor before doing this kind of work, as it will have therapeutic elements and will most likely open up the doors to what is causing the distress you’re feeling.

Photo by Francesco Sapienza

Photo by Francesco Sapienza

The founder of Creative Kobra.

Multi artist Louise Kendra Lohmann Christensen was born in Copenhagen Denmark long time ago when it was hip to wear velvet pants. She spent her youth performing in Copenhagen with different bands and moved to NYC to study acting in 2005. She is a graduate from William Esper Studio in NYC that offers training in the Meisner Acting Technique (Alumni: Sam Rockwell, Amy Schumer, Gretchen Mol, Aaron Eckhart and many more.) Louise has also studied with composer & vocal teacher Patrick Michael Wickham headmaster of Performers Career Center and John Dapolito CEO of Actors where are you going? All in the bosom of New York City.

Louise has studied the methods of LABAN movement in Denmark at UCC with Celina Salver as well as with Ted Morin at Actors Movement Studio in NYC. In conjunction with this, she has worked as a professional singer & actor in Denmark, UK and the US for two decades. Louise has released two solo albums under the artist name Kendra Lou and many singles in collaboration with other artists such The Miracles, Solar System and The Prosoulytes. She has been a part of the Scandinavian American Theater Company based in NYC, filling the role as actor and production manager. Louise has also used her creative gift as a poet, songwriter, playwright, comedian, dancer and visual artist, producing and performing at numerous creative collaborative events.

For several years she has crowned these creative experiences with private studies of Jungian psychology while being under the wings of Jungian Dream Guide & Master Breath Worker Curtis Nielsen, learning the sacred gift of holding space and collaborating with imagination, body, symbology and archetypal energy. 


The entire contents of this website are based upon opinions and observations of Louise Kendra Lohmann founder of Creative Kobra. The information on this website is not provided as a medical advice or as a substitute to medical advice. In no way is the information on this website intended to take the place of a consultation or examination by a licensed health care professional, whether or not you have a health concern. The purpose of this website is to expose individuals to information and points of view they may not yet be aware of. Any products and services mentioned on this website are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or health condition.