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Here you can view the art and installations made by LLC.


Sea of Self - An interactive & ritualistic art installation:

Patrons enter the room and view poems on clotheslines. They are encouraged to write something using a typewriter (where mistakes stay on the paper) to express something that may be difficult to talk about in the everyday life. Then the poetry is sprinkled with holy water by The Self, enacted by the artist, and hung to dry on lines. People can then read all the anonymous words and connect with it, perhaps be inspired to share something themselves. This creates a safe space for sharing and gives the participant an opportunity to experience connection to human beings as a whole, leaving personal relationships at the door. It offers freedom from conventions and the possibility of speaking your personal truth no matter what that is. It is a ritualistic experience that executed well can encourage transformation or sow the seeds there of.

Body of Light - an interactive & ritualistic art installation:

The Red Room. You enter into the body where long DNA strips of bones have twirls of LED lights. There are old phones on the walls representing different systems in the body e.g. The Central Nervous system. The phones are connected via lights to the brain in the corner of the room, made of foam. Underneath, a keyboard is soaring ready for commands. And on the floor is an old tv + VCR playing “E.T.” Opposite corner has a mattress from where you can watch this film/projection. At the very entrance stands The Holy Vagina. The canal between Being & Non Being. Lit up from the inside. And lastly a wall with hair and photos with images made with hair. All for patron to consider what the body may be besides flesh and blood. Perhaps it is really made of light.