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Holding Space For You

Are you feeling stuck or have you realized you need to do something different to get new results? I am here to tell you that something will shift at some point, but it takes willingness and courage

When you take time to sit with me, it is for you to meet yourself, perhaps in ways you never knew existed. Welcoming breath, body and feelings.

Often we live stressful lives not paying attention to these components of ourselves. We stop listening to our impulses and don’t understand why we are suffering in different ways. We have aches and pains and experience loss of meaning. If you’re feeling stuck in life, if you’re recovering from sickness or trauma or substance abuse, or dealing with anxiety and depression, a 1:1 session may be healing for you.

We may talk, and we may listen. 

I, as the facilitator, may use my hands to guide you to relax your body through touch, inviting the body to rest or move and to use the voice when feelings may arise. We may talk about dreams, as your dreams are a part of the compass inside your soul. Both the day dreams and the night dreams. I may also invite you to draw or paint or write. All tools listed in order for us to contact the deeper layers of the psyche. The unconscious.

The approach is to welcome what IS. It is in the collaboration between the unconscious and consciousness that healing can occur. We can never force healing to happen. It happens when there is a sacred space, where there is trust and where the repressed content of the psyche can come forth to be seen and heard. It may sometimes be difficult to sit with, yet we do our best to face it with love. I function both as a facilitator and witness. I am not the only healer in the room. You are a healer too. I am the witness that can hold up a mirror until you have learned to see who you are. 

Healing happens in both the experiencer and the witness as we are connected in sacred space. I am not a clinical therapist but a human being who is walking the path of the modern shaman. I too have faced the darkness so that I may now face it with you.

There is no particular quantity of sessions recommended. Sessions are for you to learn about you. To find more freedom in yourself. This may be over a short time span that you need someone to hold sacred space for you or it may be a longer period of time where you need assistance to handle a long-term issue. 

No matter the cause I am here to walk beside you helping you to breathe deeper. Holding a space of healing intention where you can connect to Self.


"I'm thrilled to say that my experience with Louise and Creative Kobra has been one of the best I've ever had in a one to one session. I felt comfortable and supported, as well as inspired to not only see myself in a new light, but others around me as well. I would highly recommend this experience of movement, creative expression and talk, to anyone craving to be guided on their journey to look deeper and be in the world with a more vivid and whole picture of who they aspire to truly and authentically be.
Thank you Louise for sharing your light gifts with Tucson."  - Dustie Rae De Luz

Some practical info:

Where do we meet? 

What to wear?


Something that is comfortable for you. You may be asked to move your body, so you need to feel free to do that.


1:1 - FIRST Session

Book your FIRST session with me today!

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The first session is $50 - where we meet, talk and perhaps do light movement. This way you get to dip your toes in the water before you go in for a dive. Please contact me to schedule the first session, then buy it afterwards. 

The following sessions are $60. I do offer discounts for students and the unemployed.  Cash, credit card & Paypal exchanges after the session.

Session Cards
After our first session, you can buy a physical 1:1 session card and get a discount. 

5 session-card for $260 which means you get a $40 dollar discount.

10 session-card for $545 which means you get a $55 dollar discount.

Cancellation policy
Cancellations must be done with a 24 hour notice prior to the session to get a full refund for your first session. If cancellations are done closer to the session than 24 hours, there is a $20 fee for the unused rental space and refund processing. For all other late cancellations, a $10 fee will be added to new payments. This covers the unused rental space the business pays for.